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Girls just want to be loved. And thank you Sex and the City.

I wouldn’t say I’m the worlds biggest ‘girly’ girl (although who knows, there might be an element of denial in that), neither have i fixated on many tv soaps during my 27 years on this spinning ball. But I am another one in the long list of the worlds sex and the city fans.What is it that locks us girls of all backgrounds, natures, cultures, and interests to a show about life in New York?

Probably nothing to do with the New York part, and more do with the fact that its centered around some truly instinctive needs most of us females live with
from day-to-day.

The statement that a girl just wants to be loved is completely true.

Whether that’s the romance that involves a dozen roses on valentine’s day……
or in my case somebody that hugs me at the end of each day and reminds me that I have a constant in this crazy world that moves so fast, and that constant is there for me and protecting me.(I should point out here that I am currently single).

For any of you girls out there that are feeling bad about this, Dont. Despite what the world might be telling you….its OK to want to be loved. You’d be more strange if you didn’t. Carrie does a wonderful job of reminding us that love isn’t easy, but I truly believe it will always be worth it (I’ve loved, lost, and the rest of it, but i still happily bear that optimism).
I hear quite a lot of people speaking about the concept of being ‘Left on the shelf’,and I can do nothing but laugh out loud to myself. I know VERY few people in this world that are my mum’s age or older and never met anybody in their life, were married, had kids
etc., (do you?). There are a few out there, and if you in fact take the time to
broach the subject with these few, they’ll usually tell you it was a choice.

Being left on the shelf is almost impossible…just live and learn to
be happy in yourself. That’s when you’re most attractive…
Don’t you wonder why they always say ‘it will happen when you
least expect it’…thats probably true. But my theory is that
it’s probably more to do with the fact that at that point in your life
where you become content in yourself, and feel Ok with showing your true
personality to the world around you…… projecting happiness is much more powerful than we will probably ever realize…(think about the power a smile from a stranger has in the middle of a big city)…

So…yes, we do just want to be loved…and yes that’s completely ok….and
thank you Carrie and the Sex and the City girls for reminding us that we ARE normal…we AREN’T alone…and making us laugh our loud at our TV screens while you do it…



Everything in life is (believe it or not) a choice…

I got a text message from a friend this morning saying that he got a new job…..and he ended the text with ‘Yea…I’m still not saving the world’ (or the equivalent in Swedish). He really has the world at his fingertips, but he can’t see that, So he always has to end every communication with something negative.

I never used to believe that you can have whatever you want in life.

Now I live by the opposite theory.

It is just a decision-making process. Make a decision, and know that the only outcome is success (although it might not seem that simple in the beginning, it really is)…..start with something small, then work your way up to bigger choices…..It’s an Art, but you will notice that you get more and more courageous, and somewhere along the way you genuinely forget how it was when you didn’t choose what you want.

I’m not saying its easy. But it’s definitely possible.

I starting choosing my outcome in life 1 month before my 15th birthday. I chose to get a job at a store that I really worked in despite I couldn’t be legally employed until I was 15. I worked there without pay for 1 week as ‘work experience’ linked to a school program. But my agenda the whole time was to show them that I could work hard so that they would offer me a job. They did. I worked there for around 6 years after to get money during school and university…..

I have chosen almost everything in life since then….some of these decisions bearing more weight than others. I now live in Stockholm, with a job I love, I speak a second language, and rent what is possibly the city’s cutest little house….

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Paralyzed by choice….

I am 27 years old. And I do have a wonderful life. Most of us do. It’s just that a lot of us don’t realize it.

It’s probably because we are all paralyzed/blinded/handicapped(and a whole heap of other adjectives) by the choices we have in this world.

I have great difficulty choosing almost ANYTHING. From what flavour tea to have in the morning, to which of my two pairs of running shoes I should wear when I go out running (our parents probably didn’t have more than one or two pair of shoes all together. Let-a-lone two pairs of running shoes)…..all the way up to the more grander things in life. What shall I do with my Friday night, which book shall I read, where should I live (not just the neighbourhood, but the city….AND the country)…

Our parents…..and their parents…..and anybody beyond that generational realm never had these choices, so we probably shouldn’t complain. And essentially I’m not. But it doesn’t mean life is easy either. Its tough. Every single day of it. Wonderful. But tough.

Welcome to my new outlet……..

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