Everything in life is (believe it or not) a choice…

I got a text message from a friend this morning saying that he got a new job…..and he ended the text with ‘Yea…I’m still not saving the world’ (or the equivalent in Swedish). He really has the world at his fingertips, but he can’t see that, So he always has to end every communication with something negative.

I never used to believe that you can have whatever you want in life.

Now I live by the opposite theory.

It is just a decision-making process. Make a decision, and know that the only outcome is success (although it might not seem that simple in the beginning, it really is)…..start with something small, then work your way up to bigger choices…..It’s an Art, but you will notice that you get more and more courageous, and somewhere along the way you genuinely forget how it was when you didn’t choose what you want.

I’m not saying its easy. But it’s definitely possible.

I starting choosing my outcome in life 1 month before my 15th birthday. I chose to get a job at a store that I really worked in despite I couldn’t be legally employed until I was 15. I worked there without pay for 1 week as ‘work experience’ linked to a school program. But my agenda the whole time was to show them that I could work hard so that they would offer me a job. They did. I worked there for around 6 years after to get money during school and university…..

I have chosen almost everything in life since then….some of these decisions bearing more weight than others. I now live in Stockholm, with a job I love, I speak a second language, and rent what is possibly the city’s cutest little house….

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