Paralyzed by choice….

I am 27 years old. And I do have a wonderful life. Most of us do. It’s just that a lot of us don’t realize it.

It’s probably because we are all paralyzed/blinded/handicapped(and a whole heap of other adjectives) by the choices we have in this world.

I have great difficulty choosing almost ANYTHING. From what flavour tea to have in the morning, to which of my two pairs of running shoes I should wear when I go out running (our parents probably didn’t have more than one or two pair of shoes all together. Let-a-lone two pairs of running shoes)…..all the way up to the more grander things in life. What shall I do with my Friday night, which book shall I read, where should I live (not just the neighbourhood, but the city….AND the country)…

Our parents…..and their parents…..and anybody beyond that generational realm never had these choices, so we probably shouldn’t complain. And essentially I’m not. But it doesn’t mean life is easy either. Its tough. Every single day of it. Wonderful. But tough.

Welcome to my new outlet……..

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